Principles and Values

Professional Excellence, Integrity and Discretion

is obtained by us through high-grade specialization, personal provision of services and knowledge-based authority. Those form the base and the distinguishing feature of our office. Tax authorities, banks, notaries and other institutions and persons who are also working in this field values our experience and professionalism.

for us means loyalty, trust and independence. We are there for our clients, even in difficult situations. But integrity also includes ethically responsible actions as well as the sovereignty to give advice to clients based solely in accordance with their wishes and goals. We consult at eye level and represent our clients without self-interest. We treasure the values of our clients, but we, too, are led by values that are not disposable.

for us is tied to respect, prudence and confidentiality. This also includes the understanding that clients in high-level positions are exposed to high vulnerability and thus are in need of especially careful consultancy. Discretion also excludes all and any loud appearances in public. We do not need press releases and participation in any rankings in order to gain renowned clients. They already belong to our clientele.