The person responsible as laid down by the Telemedia Act § 5 is Michael Kinder.

RTM Treuhandgesellschaft München mbH

Seitzstraße 17
80538 München

T +49 (0)89 58909690
F +49 (0)89 5890969-44

Executive Director WP/StB Dipl.-Kfm. Michael Kinder
VAT ID: DE223991199
Legal form: GmbH
Professional liability insurance: HDI Versicherungs AG, Policy-No. 70-006561951-1
Territorial scope: Federal Republic of Germany

Competent Supervisory Board for Tax Advisors:
Steuerberaterkammer München, Bayern (Chamber of Tax Advisors, Bavaria)
Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts (Corporation under Public Law)
Nederlinger Straße 9, 80638 München
Telefon +49 (0)89 15790200
Telefax +49 (0)89 15790219

The legal professional title of tax consultant was conferred in the Federal Republic of Germany (State: Bavaria).
The legal status of professional tax advisor is subject to the following principal legal regulations:
a) Tax Advisory Act (StBerG)
b) Statutory Ordinance for the Tax Advice Act (DVStB)
c) Professional Code of Conduct (BOStB)
d) Fee Ordinance for Tax Advisors (StBVV)

The legal regulations of the profession can be viewed at the competent Chamber of Tax Advisors Munich. They can also be found on the homepage of the Federal Chamber of Tax Advisors. (

Information according to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Law:
There is no obligation and no willingness to participate in a dispute settlement procedure in front of a consumer arbitration board.