Specialization and Experience

Consistently High Quality of Our Professional Services

The specialization and focus on our specific circle of clients ensure a consistently high quality of our professional services. For clients who in their professions and vocations are sometimes also publically exposed we are also comprehensively available for non-tax-related tasks, e.g. asset management, assumption of certain client affairs, as authorized representative etc. We also serve family offices with regard to their family foundations, structure and serve corporate foundations, and see to fulfilling their tax obligations.

Another focus of our services lies in the conceptual, advisory and auditing services for non-profit, church and charitable foundations as well as other corporations under private and public law. The assumption of trust activities for legally dependent foundations as well as board activities for legally independent foundations is part of our offer. Furthermore, we are available to our clients in safeguarding their life’s work via the formation of foundations and partake in the construction, organization and long-term maintenance of such foundations.

Within our professional specialization we offer a comprehensive depth of consulting services, which range from conceptual consulting to tax and business consulting, auditing services, assumption of trust activities all the way to client specific tasks. The quality of our work stems from this specialization which pools experience, knowledge and contacts in a custom-made solution. For this we use up-to-date technology with highest data security, cloud solutions, online library etc., which enable us to be available to our clients with our entire office structure everywhere, also outside our headquarters in Munich.